Getting You Involved

Here at MRN, we wholeheartedly understand and support the importance of your role in your child’s academic and emotional development. This is why we encourage parental involvement throughout your child’s time with us, through a variety of different ways, such as; home observations, parent-led activities, parent workshops and much more.

Home Visits, Observations and Learning

In MRN nurseries we aim to create a warm, safe and welcoming environment where children settle quickly and easily and are able to create strong attachments which are critical to ensuring continuity of care from home to the setting.

One of our methods of ensuring a smooth transition from home to the nursery is our home visits. The child has the opportunity to meet his/her key person in their primary safe /secure environment which is their home. The key person learns more about what the child likes to do at home, favourite toys or places and what is the family’s approach in behaviour management. Parents and child feel relaxed at their home and they are able to share valid information for their child to the key person.

Annual Parents Meetings

Once per year MRN managers hold an official meeting with the parents from all the classrooms to discuss different variety of subjects. The meetings are very importnant as you will get the chance to have an input on the nurseries operations and curriculum; your ideas and input will be taken seriously.

Child Development Meetings

Every four months, parents are required to do their child’s development report with the key person, which is very important as we asses the child and discuss how we can develop the child further. Parents get an official written report which they can use in the school or with other proffesionals.

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