Extra-Curricular Programmes

At Magic Roundabout Nurseries, we understand the high expectations placed upon us by parents, to ensure every child is offered the best education possible. This is why we have carefully curated additional educational programmes into our curriculum to make your child’s learning experience unique and endlessly fun.

Mandarin Lessons

When your child turns two years old, we introduce Mandarin as an additional language. It is a symbol of our commitment to your child’s education: not just whilst they are in our care, but also in later life. They will get the opportunity to learn simple words in mandarin as well as learn enjoyable songs and how to put sentences together. The mandarin lessons are taught every week, at varied times across our settings.

Art Lessons

Everyone has an imagination. Our art lessons are designed to encourage your child to explore theirs. Our specialist art teachers provide this opportunity, and the skills for your child to create pieces of art with their abstract ideas in a fun and safe academic environment. The art lessons are delivered each week at all nurseries allowing the children to practice different techniques and produce artwork using a variety of materials. While in these art classes, we always promote the children putting their imaginative thoughts into the creative process.

Specialist Sports Sessions

The prime area of Physical Development focuses on children being given the opportunity to be active and interactive. This encourages the development of children’s coordination, control and movement as well as the ability to make healthy choices in life. At our nurseries, we take this one step further. Our specialist sport sessions offer a fun alternative to traditional physical play, and encourage positive and healthy lifestyle habits for their future. All of our sessions are also taught to your child’s age and development, for maximum impact and engagement.

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