Good nutrition and healthy eating habits are essential for both mental and physical growth. That is why our nursery menus are not only formulated in line with the Children’s Food Trust’s guidance, but are also carefully prepared using only fresh ingredients to provide healthy meals on a daily basis. Our food also lacks any added salt or sugars, and is prepared by our experienced Chefs.

Mealtimes at our nurseries are an enjoyable social experience for the children, allowing them the time to interact with their friends whilst learning healthy and hygienic habits that will serve them throughout life.

All of our nurseries adhere to preferences set by parents as well as any allergies the children may have, to ensure mealtimes are safe and pleasurable for all children.

In addition, we also take care and work very closely with all parents to ensure the practice carried at meal times is continued at home to promote the use of cutlery and they development of the children’s fine motor skills.

At Magic Roundabout Nurseries We:

  • Serve breakfast, lunch and tea as well as two sets of snacks between meals which include fruit or crackers. Children have access to their own water bottles at all times.
  • All allergy and preference information is documented and is accessible to all staff in the classrooms and to the chef.
  • Promote good table manners through saying please and thank you, with staff acting as role models sitting at the tables with them.
  • Encourage children to be independent at meal times by serving their own food, pouring their own drinks and using cutlery with supervision.
  • Encourage children who are refusing to eat and to try new things.
  • Take portion sizes into account in relation to each child’s needs.
  • Provide access to fresh drinking water throughout the day for all children.

Sample Menu


A Selection of Cereals,
Milk, Toast & Creamy

Lunch & Dessert

Mango Chicken
and Rice with salad
and natural yoghurt

Tea & Dessert

Vegetable Soup with
Brown Bread
Homemade Carrot Cake