At MRN safeguarding encompasses all that we do, from our vigorous recruitment process to the systems in our buildings; child protection is a part of our daily nursery routine. You can be satisfied that your child’s welfare is our number one priority.

Our comprehensive set of Safeguarding policies cover areas from lone working to pick up and drop off procedures. Each of our nurseries has a ‘Designated Safeguarding Officer’ as well as a secondary staff member, one of whom will always be on site throughout your child’s day. Whilst all MRN staff members are vigilant in their duty of care, it is the Designated persons responsibility to ensure staff members are up to date with the latest safeguarding updates, as well as to take the lead with any areas of concern.

Some of the key features that we have in place are:

  • CCTV systems trhoughout our nurseries (Management access only);
  • Entry access to our nurseries only via intercom;
  • Strict ‘No Mobile Phone’ Policy throughout our nurseries;
  • Robust vetting and selection process for prospective employees;
  • Staff members required to subscribe to the updated DBS service;
  • Safeguarding training provided to tall staff members on a regular basis
  • Visitors to the nursery are accompanied at all times;
  • Room and child safety checks carried out daily/hourly by nursery staff.